Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Carseat Covers...a good tutorial anyone?

I am dying to make a carseat cover for my ugly carseat before this little guy arrives. Today I found these beautiful carseat covers over at MADE...a new blog I came across today in my search for instructions and am so inspired. How cute are these??? She does an amazing job!

Well I'm on the lookout for the tutorial...hopefully there's a good free tutorial out there! If not I'll buy a pattern! I'm not using the carseat as is! lol! It's bright yellow and black and looks like it's designed to attract wasps and bees to your baby! Well, in the meantime, I can daydream about what fabric I might use....I love the stuff over at Heather Baily! If anyone has seen a tutorial...let me know! :)

Update: AHA! Success, I found a car seat cover tutorial for sale on Etsy. However, if anyone has seen a free one online...I'd still love to know!

I'm thinking of ordering these 2 prints from Heather Bailey for my car seat cover, but I'm going to make a trip to the fabric store first just in case I find anything similar there.

What do you think?

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Tori Bella said...

Gasp! Please, please, please keep the tutorial for if I ever have a baby. I can't stand the fabrics on car seats and I'll need to make my own.