Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cheap Easy Light Fixture Updates And Bathroom redo 2.0

Cheap Easy
Light Fixture Update

So The bathroom makeover I did wasn't quite finished when I posted the reveal....since then I painted the cabinet and the trim dark brown using Behr French Roast and it looked great.  I also used that Satin Acrylic Latex Enamel from the Fireplace Update and painted it on the gold hinges with my daughters small watercolor brush...so I wouldn't have to take the hinges off and repaint them!  and I FINALLY updated to gold light fixture...we were planning on buying a new light fixture we liked....only all the ones we liked were more than we wanted to pay so we hadn't done anything....until now...of course that we are selling the house...getting everything finished and polished for someone else to enjoy :(

bought oil rubbed bronze spray paint and just took the ugly gold fixture outside and gave it a spray and had the hubby put it back up.  We also spray painted the ugly gold fixture in the basement bathroom too and it's such a small, cheap thing to do but yet is a major improvement. The spray paint was $7 and I updated two light fixtures with it with more to spare...basic bathroom light fixtures start around $50 so this is definitely the best way to go unless you just feel like splurging on a light fixture...

Here is the basement light

And Here is the the final picture of the bathroom makeover that I never showed you with the cabinet and baseboards painted French Roast and the hinges painted black.



ashlisidney said...
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ashlisidney said...

Hey, I am just wondering where you got your light fixtures, they look amazing! I would love to be able to make my house turn out the way you do, you have a serious gift. Thanks for making this public, and thanks for allowing me to comment!
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