Monday, March 2, 2015

DIY Maple Syrup - Nature Study

Making Maple Syrup

Nature Study and being outdoors is a huge part of our homeschool life so I was thrilled when my husband decided to try tapping a couple of the maple trees in our backyard and make our own maple syrup.  My hubs ordered the taps off amazon and set them up and then we just had to wait for the right weather as the temperature has to have certain fluctuations overnight to get the sap flowing.  We finally had the needed fluctuation and got 3-4 liters of maple tree sap.

Can you see the 2 trees that are tapped with the 2 liter bottles? That's the maple sap collection set up

We measured it out with the kids and then put it in our largest pot to simmer all day.

 Finally the maple sap had reduced enough and we got about 3 ounces.  Just enough for our Sunday gluten free pancake breakfast!

We poured the final product into a recyled maple syrup glass container.  The maple syrup was just like...maple syrup.  The only difference I noticed with our maple syrup vs the kind we buy was ours had a slight vanilla taste to it.

Here's to learning how stuff's real life!

Have access to any maple trees?  Here's how

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