Friday, March 6, 2015

Desoto Falls

I am going on about 6 weeks where I have only seen the sun probably 2 times.  I'm feeling a little depressed and am upping my Vitamin D as I have a history of it plummeting to extremely low levels. So while I hang out inside feeling unmotivated, I thought I would go back and finish some posts that I didn't have time to do when the weather WAS nice and we were spending all our time outside and I wasn't posting anything.  So I can remember the nice outdoor days and look forward to them again...spring is coming...spring is coming.... in the mean time lets revisit one of our previous hikes and look forward to doing more of that soon!

Desoto Falls was a great hike to do with the kids.  It's located in Lumpkin County, Georgia.  There is a little history to this area, it is named Desoto falls because a breastplate of armor was discovered in the 1880s that came from the men under Hernando Desoto that were in the area in 1541.  There were originally three falls you could hike to on this trail, but one is now closed after the storm of the century in 1993 and the upper falls are now inaccessible.   

We enjoyed our hikes to both falls.  When you arrive you come to a trail head (with a marker giving the story about the breastplate from Hernando Desoto) that give the history of the area and then you can go either left or right.  We took the trail to the right first, visiting that fall and then walked back and visited the fall to the left of the trail head, which was smaller and a shorter walk.  Both trails are not too long and easily doable with young children.  

This hike is very easy, more of a nature walk than a "hike"

Length : about 2 miles
Parking: $3
Directions and additional info about the trail

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