Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Learning can happen Anytime and Anywhere


As part of our Charlotte Mason Nature Club, we recently made a trip to the planetarium for a celestial show to be followed by going to the observatory to use the telescope and view the constellations and a comet. The kids loved the show at the planetarium but unfortunately we couldn't find the telescope observation place afterwards, out in the mountains in the dark..we just could not find it so disappointed,  we came home.  It was already late for our young kids but when we got home I looked up and the sky was clear and brilliant.  Orion was IN YOUR FACE there, so I had hubby put the boys to bed while I got out sleeping bags and rolled them out on the back deck.  We didn't have to be up early in the morning so we snuggled in the sleeping bags observing the skies and constellations.  I had stepped out of the show at the Planetarium because the baby was getting too excited and vocal so it was neat that my daughter started noticing constellations I didn't know about and missed hearing about in the show and listening to her telling me about them.  Just laying out there for a while, she was able to notice how the stars and moon had shifted in the sky and we were able to talk about that, and what direction the sun rises and sets and same with the moon tracking across the sky as everything spins and orbits.

What was disappointing (missing the telescope viewing) turned into an opportunity to seize the moment and create a special memory and learning experience, and a reminder to me why I love homeschooling and having a flexible schedule...being able to stay up til 11:30 watching the stars in winter snuggled in a sleeping bag, and not having to be anywhere first thing in the morning.  Learning doesn't have to happen at a certain time of day or in a certain place.  It can happen anytime, anywhere.

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