Saturday, September 20, 2014

Waldorf-ish Chalkboard Drawing - Dolphin

So I was really inspired by the Waldorf classroom and chalkboard art and the kids have really enjoyed every reveal so far.  I don't do it every day because I just don't make time for it each night but have been doing it at least once or twice a week.  They are still pretty simple compared to the beautiful Waldorf chalkboard drawings I've seen online but it's a pretty small chalkboard and I just am having fun with it.  I find it helps get me excited about the upcoming material and topics as I look over my schedule and decide which subject/lesson I'll feature on the board.  a huge PLUS for me is it actually gets me doing some art...all be it simple and quick but still...just getting to sit down and make a fun chalkboard creation for the kids sparks that passion in me and makes me happy that in this BUSY BUSY season of motherhood, I can channel that artistic side of me...even if it's just a little dolphin drawing!  The kids then copy this in their drawing pad, We had some ocean stencils so they traced the dolphin stencils and then created their ocean scene and on the next page J copied the block style letters and the curly style letters for marine she's started making her letters fancy and curly in her spelling book, which actually has improved her hand writing! She tends to grip and press hard when writing and fatigues quicker than I would like so any way to make writing more fun for her is a big plus.

What spurred on the dolphin interest was watching Dolphin Tale 1 and 2.  We streamed the first on Amazon and then last week we went to the theater to watch Dolphin Tale 2 and I downloaded and printed the free curriculum that goes with it from the homeschool movie club.  I also found some other fun dolphin activities online and put it all into little folders for both kids, they were so excited! I was going to make lapbooks but I honestly don't have time for that, I realized why do we always have to go all out on everything? Or think we need to do it a certain way and all perfect but then it doesn't happen at all because there's no I kept it simple, printed all the pages I wanted, hole punched and tossed them in folders! and DONE! lol! (and the kids were so excited about their folders I really wonder if they would have been THAT much more excited if I had spend 2 hours making lapbooks)  If you haven't watched Dolphin Tale and Dolphin Tale 2 with your kids yet, I would highly recommend both movies! And yes I know...watching movies is not so Waldorf-ish....

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