Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cake Smash and Kittens!

Friday is normally a lighter day for us schoolwork wise, allowing us to spend time in nature, with friends, on field trips or catching up if we had a mid week field trip, etc.  Well, this Friday was spent adopting our first furry pets!  KITTENS!  

So far we have only had a beta fish and the baby chicks.  And although the chickens are entertaining, friendly and productive pets who do enjoy getting pet, it's not the same as a little purball furball kitten!  

We had promised the kids we would get a cat when we got a 3 years ago...but when we got the house we had to get settled, by then we found out we were moving again and putting our house on the market so we held off again till we completed that move, but then we had a baby on the way so we held off till after the baby.  Well the baby just turned one....yeah...I can't believe it, ONE already, where did the time go?  I can't believe it was just a little over a year ago that the midwives showed up at our home on Labor Day to help deliver this little guy into the world who is now walking ALL OVER!

 The vultures have descended the second it appears baby is done with his cake....

So....yeah the kids have been waiting and waiting for a kitty and now that we passed that first birthday, it seemed like we could start thinking about FOR REAL this time.

I get Farmer Sue's emails from The Art Barn and normally I don't open them because like most newsletters I subscribe to, who has time to actually read them?  Well, randomly I clicked on the most recent one and saw a picture of a kitten and the contact info.  
Apparently a pregnant stray cat showed up at this 76 year old lady's home and so she was looking out after her and when the kittens came she started taking care of them but was unable to find homes for them.  When I went there I had the intention of getting one male kitty.  Hubby and I agreed on only boy cats as based on our past experienced, male cats are way more chill and cool than females.  When we arrived at this womans home, she had 5 kittens in her screened in porch and they were a little older than I had anticipated and seemed more like wild cats.  I didn't realize they were wild cats essentially until I got there.  The first one I was drawn to was the most BEAUTIFUL kitten I'd even seen but if you went within 2 feet of it, it would hiss at you.  There were 2 others that didn't hiss but seemed terrified of people and were running up and down the wall railings to stay away from us.  Then there were 2 identical kittens, one male and a slightly smaller female and the kids were actually able to pick them up and hold them.  The kittens were 11-13 weeks old (not sure exactly) and after being unable to find homes and also not wanting to actually keep them, they were going to be sent to a shelter that night.  I picked up the boy and we left.  I pulled out of her neighborhood and was getting gas across the street and started debating.  Then as if they could read my mind, the kids started saying "Can we go back and get the twin sister?  They'll be so lonely without each other!" ugh I just decided what the heck, she was going to be sent to a shelter that night anyways, if we took her too and she ended up being wild and crazy we could still try and find her another home.  So we went back over and picked up the girl.

When we got home, I got WHAT DID I DO?  The cats were so skiddish and would only run away and hide from us.  I was remember back in college when one of our roomates found a kitten that was adorable but it was wild and it ended up being like a devil cat.  Did I just bring home TWO devil cats?  

However, by that evening they started warming up and by the looks of this picture I took today, I can say within 24 hours they've gotten quite comfortable with us and made themselves at home, they spent the day on the screen in porch and J spent the whole day playing with them, petting them and napping with them.  They are turning into purballs!  If they were on the slightly less people friendly side of the spectrum, they are quickly warming up and enjoying the family....except for Cameron and his screeching whenever he sees them.




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