Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Snapshots

Summer in Snapshot

Hey there!  This summer we have been keeping busy and blogging has taken a backseat to being outside and doing other fun activities with the kids so I think I'll be doing a few of these types of posts, sharing some snapshots from the past week!  As for activities, I've found so many fun ideas on Pinterest and the Play at Home Mom Blog.  All the bug/insect related craft activities were from LizzieJanes 20 Bug Craft Ideas and the rest can be found on my family activities board in pinterest including more we haven't done yet!  Things not pictured are many trips to various pools and splash pads, sprinkler fun, keeping J practicing her handwriting, riding bikes, laying around being lazy and watching cartoons, and eating lots of popscicles (in my mind I can hear my husband interject "you mean ICE POPS!" lol) - love the Breyers Real Fruit Popsicles in particular.  Watching fireworks, Nebraskans love fireworks!  We can hear a show going on almost every weekend and this week....every night there are tons going off.  Fireworks stands are not illegal here so every parking lot has a big tent and giant gorilla, dragon, t-rex, eagle, etc inflated next to it!  I can't even count how many are within 5 miles of our house.

 Hatched Bird Egg we found in the yard

 Colored Ice Blocks from Play at Home Mom. This is a favorite and I have more in the freezer to do this again!
 Stitching Board idea from play at home mom but used stiff felt and a real needle, gave her an assortment of buttons, beads, etc and it's an ongoing project she like to do a little more each day.
 Summer's hot, kids don't know what's going on but she loves it
 Introduced the kids to painting with stencils
Play till you drop, worn out from the spray park all morning


Alina said...

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Theresa said...

Looks like a fun summer! Sammie has finished swim lessons & is going with her older sister camping for a week. Then we will visit when we pick her up. Kind of a lazy summer here right now& just heating up. Hoping to fit in beach trips + more before school starts. Xo theresa @