Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Princess Birthday Party

Princess Birthday Party

5 years old and having a royal ball!

J had her 5th Birthday party last weekend and it was a BALL!  Literally!  She requested that all her friends come dressed up as princesses and have a dance party at the ball.  Here she is wearing her Repunzel dress, which I don't think I ever posted, it was my first time making a dress and I made it for Halloween to go with her GLOWING REPUNZEL HAIR which is a tutorial you can check out with a link to the tutorial for this dress at the end.  The party turned out to be really fun and a everything went smoothly, thanks to having the help of my parents and brother and my awesome friend who let me borrow her folding table and a ton of strands of lights!  We barely pulled it all together before the guests arrived! lol, my mom was still decorating cupcakes and the little cake as they arrived and the guys were in the basement still getting the ballroom set up!

As the girls arrived they decorated a princess gown favor box and filled it with some M&Ms. I just put down a big piece of cardboard and a bunch of crayons, markers and stickers. I found these cute wedding dress favor boxes in the wedding section at the dollar tree they came in packs of 10. They wrote their name on the bottom when they were done and took them home at the end of the party.

As they finished decorating their dresses, they came and sat in the Princess Chair, (something I picked up at the thrift store and have been meaning to give a makeover, it's in great condition, I just want to change it) and had their make up done, received a crown (those tiny comb crowns in the favor section at walmart).  And then they each posed for a Princess Portrait with the Frog Prince (that frog is a puppet from my husband's childhood! They saved a lot of his toys and it's cool to see the kids play with them now)
don't look at my hair! I didn't have time to do anything with it and it was so lumpy and bumby! lol

Princess Portrait-which the guests will receive with their thank you note.

Meanwhile, as they all finished up their dresses, makeover and portrait with the frog prince, they talked and played with balloons.

Next we played some games that I came across online, I can't way where because I was REALLY tired after a long day and my dad looked up Princess Party Games on his Ipad and just started listing off ideas to me and I have no idea what he was looking at.  

First we did a Princess Walk.  I printed off pictures of various Princesses and related characters and places them on the floor in a circle and then had them walk around the pictures to music.  Everytime the music stopped, my mom would call out a character and whoever was on that character got a candy necklace.  We played until everyone got a necklace.  My mom looked and saw where they were standing and whoever didn't have a necklace yet, she would just call out whatever character they were standing on.  Unfortunately, not long after the girls were complaining about having sticky necks, and J kept using so many diaper wipes to get rid of the sticky feeling her neck was SO red.

Next we played Pin the Pan on Flynn Ryder followed by a Snow White Game called Pass the Poison Apple.  They sat in a circle and as the music played, they would pass an apple around. When the music stopped, whoever was holding the apple had to fall asleep.  At the end of the game, the last person to have the apple had to wake everyone else up with a sweet kiss...they went around and placed a little flower shaped marshmallow on the persons' lips to wake them up. Hershey kisses were suggested, but I didn't feel like messing with the wrappers.

Next we went outside to find Cinderella's lost glass slipper!  I hid J's Cinderella dress up shoe it in the yard and helped them in the right direction using Hot and Cold.  Here they are searching for it!

After that they came inside to do presents and cupcakes because they couldn't go to the ball on an empty stomach!

And this is a HORRIBLE picture but they all turned out blurry of the cupcake table.

After eating cupcakes and snacking on some snacks and pink princess lemonade, they all grabbed a small bottle of bubbles and went back outside. bubbles were also from the wedding section of the dollar tree you get 9 bottles for a dollar!  We put a colorful heart sticker on each one so they didn't look like wedding bubbles.

They had fun blowing bubbles and playing outside some more and then it was time for the pinata...I love this picture...
The pinata was a tough one, so after each princess had multiple tries, dad came in and busted it open.

After they had collected their loot, I brought out their treat bags and we had them put everything in there and wrote their names on them real quickly and then it was FINALLY time for the ball!  We walked them around to the basement door entrance and they walked in to fun music from Tangled, Enchanted, Lizzy McGuire etc.  Them all dancing around like crazy in their princess dresses was one of the cutest things I've ever seen!!!

Here is a video post party showing the lights, the guys did a great job!

The party was scheduled for 2 hours and we may have gone just a tiny bit over as they were having so much fun dancing, but it was really fun.  I was kind of anxious at first because I've never hosted a birthday party at my home before, the only other party we did was for her 3rd party and we had it at a big park so I didn't really have to do anything other than brings snacks and cupcakes.  If my parents weren't here to help, I probably wouldn't have been able to be as organized with doing the games and getting everything ready in time and my mom surprised J with the pinata last minute when she saw it was just under $10 at walmart and we just put some of the goodies we were already going to get for the treat bags into the pinanta.

I forgot to take a picture of the cupcake table before the party, so this is after the fact, so there isn't as much there but you get the idea.
 For the cake and cupcakes, I used the gluten free strawberry cupcake recipe from my Cooking for Isaiah cookbook with a basic vanilla buttercream frosting using vegetable shortening instead of butter and vanilla coconut milk instead of dairy milk so these were gluten and dairy free.  The kids loved them, it's really a great recipe, one of my friends was so impressed because it was the first time her daughter has ever finished a cupcake!

 Princess Lemonade made with pink lemonade and sprite.
 Bubbles with stickers....simple, cheap, easy fun!

As they left J gave them a wand, a lollipop and the flower straw they was intended for the lemonade but we didn't end up using, along with their treat bags and candy dress boxes.  They definitely didn't go home empty handed, I just kept finding cute little things that didn't cost very much that were either on sale or on clearance or were just a regular cute inexpensive item in the party favor section.

Anyways, at the end of the day, this is all you can ask for...


Unknown said...

What a wonderful mom you are!! My daughter would love to have a princess party - and what fun to make it into a "ball!" So many cute ideas, thanks for all the pictures and details!

zerry ht said...

She looks beautiful in that dress! I think I must also look for home studios NYC. I think having a party like this is a great idea. The cake and decorations are fantastic. Good wishes for her. I got a good idea for hosting a party at home like this. The fairy lights definitely acted like icing on cake. Just beautiful!