Thursday, September 22, 2011

Personalized Hanger - Baby Name Gift

Personalized Wooden Hanger 
baby name gifts

I made this personalized hanger for my baby niece who was just born as a funny, cute way to remember how my 4 yo daughter named her "Rainbow Gotters" while my sister was pregnant.  During the pregnancy, Rainbow Gotters kind of became the baby's name until she was born and although her parents gave her a beautiful name, my daughter was a little upset when she found out Rainbow Gotter's wasn't going to be her real name...because that's the name SHE picked out and that SHE wanted her to have.  So we said that it could be her special cousin name for her.  This personalized hanger would be a cute baby name gift for real names too :)

 Trace the outline of the wood hanger on the back of your decorative paper.  repeat for both sides and then cut out the hanger shape from the paper. set aside.

 Paint the sides of the hanger and the front and back if you like.  (although that will be covered by the paper so isn't really necesarry)

Once paint is dry, using a foam brush, apply an even coat of modgepodge over the wooden hanger.  Carefully line up the precut paper and press onto the hanger, smoothing the surface.  Allow that to dry and then repeat on the back side.

Now, using your letter stickers,  personalize the hanger by adding the baby's (or whoever's) name and embelishing with gems or other stickers.


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PS- I got the blank wooden hanger at was $1

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We love it :)

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Absolutely adorable! How cute!

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Aw too cute!!
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