Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Baby Bronson

Well, Bronson is 11 days old today! ALREADY! He was born on Good Friday and He weighed 7 lbs 11 oz, 20 inches long.
We are just totally in love with him! It was love at first sight!

I had my weekly checkup on Wednesday and my Dr. was like "wow his head is really low! I wouldn't be surprised if you were back in here tonight or tomorrow!"
That night, I did start having contractions, about 30 minutes apart...then a few that were 15 but nothing consistent. They kept me up all night and I thought he was going to be an April Fool's baby, but when I got up in the morning...all the contractions stopped and I only had a few throughout the rest of the day. That night (Thursday) right when we were going to bed, the contractions started again, same as the night before...randomly every 15-30 minutes...nothing consistent and typically you don't go to the hospital until you are having contracts every 5 minutes for an hour. My Dr said I should come in when I got to 7 minutes for an hour based on his positioning, she said he would probably come quick. I had a contraction at 12 minutes...then 8 minutes, then 5,4, and 3 and they were so painful I was already wishing for an epidural! Tyler started calling Brett, our friend who lives across the street who was "on call" to come stay with JJ if we went into labor. We called him about 9 times in a row and he didn't answer and I started panicking because I knew we had to go to the hospital NOW and my friend Codi who I was also an emergency contact doesn't live that close to us. Tyler kept it together though. He grabbed everything, threw it in the car, banged on our neighbors door (an older couple) and asked them to keep an eye on JJ till our friend could pick her up. We went up to the car and before I got in, Tyler started putting down some towels just in case my water broke and suddenly I was like "oh...there it goes!". By the time we got in the car, I was having contractions non stop, like no break in between...it was the worst car ride of my life! Tyler was trying to drive fast to make sure we made it to the hospital while at the same time trying to take it easy over bumps are curves!
The car ride conversation consisted of me saying "If I don't get an epidural when we get there I'm going to murder somebody!!!" While Tyler was on the phone calling my friend to come watch JJ for us so our neighbors didn't have to watch her more than 20 minutes.

When we got to the hospital, Tyler asked me "Where do we go?"
me- "They said D for Delivery!"
Tyler- "where's that?"
me "Just follow the signs!!!"

(D in on the opposite side of the hospital from the emergency entrance FYI)

So we pulled into the D parking lot and immediately parked the car...the hospital entrance was down some stairs so we started heading down the stairs...me in agony and barely able to make it as I exclaimed "I deserve an Olympic medal if I make it to the bottom!" We go down the first flight of stairs and realized there was ANOTHER flight of stairs, and also that we could have driven all the way down and parked in front of the door. Tyler offered to run and get the car to drive me the rest of the way but I was just cried "no I can't do that..I can't get in that car again! We have to keep going!"

We made it to the bottom and when we got to the door...all the lights were dark and all the doors were LOCKED! Tyler was banging on the doors and trying to pull them open...I was bent over holding onto my knees (pants and legs all wet from the water breaking) trying not to fall over and crying out "WHY!!!!! WHY is it LOCKED!!! They said D for Delivery!" Tyler just took off sprinting, he ran to the next building down and started banging on some doors and a security person happened to be walking by. He was like "My wife is going to have our baby on the sidewalk!" so they came sprinting back...in the meantime, I was waiting there crying out the same thing to nobody "They said D for Delivery!!!!" meanwhile envisioning myself lying down and giving birth on the cement. When Tyler and the security guy arrived, he opened the door, grabbed a wheel chair and they got me up to labor and delivery.

As soon as we go in there, they gave me the gown to change into...I went into the bathroom and just started vomiting because the pain was so awful. Tyler was holding onto me so I wouldn't fall over. Then they got me to the bed and were trying to get a Dr. in the room ASAP...I wanted an epidural and all the nurses kept talking about was "oh, guess what? She has a little girl named Jordan who just turned 3!" Every person who walked in the room...the same thing over and over...I was getting so annoyed hearing them repeating the same thing over and over finally after hearing it for what seemed the 10th time I was like "STOP TALKING ABOUT HER!!!" they seemed a little surprised...but you know...when you are lying on a bed in agony and people are just asking questions and talking about irrelevant things...it's pretty easy to get annoyed. Then Tyler said to me "Just go to a happy place." I think I might have given him a look of death and said "Don't EVER say something that stupid again!"

It was all happening VERY fast. The nurse then informed me "honey, you're not going to like this, try to stay calm...but there isn't time for an epidural, you are going to have this baby within 5 minutes" I'm sure I looked completely terrified because I was. All I could say was "but I'm not prepared for this!" I had no intention of doing a natural birth so I didn't go over any special techniques or anything...I was SCARED! I was already in so much pain! That's something you need to mentally prepare yourself for. I couldn't imagine any more pain than I was already in.

The nurses kept telling me not to push because they were still trying to get a doctor in the room. But it was futile, I couldn't help it, the baby was coming out whether anyone else was ready or not! As an on call doctor walked in, he started asking some questions and was quickly cut off as the nurses were basically like -no talking, get the heck in there and catch the baby!

In no time, our little boy was born...healthy and hungry! As far as how I handled the actual birth...I'll just say this...Tyler says if they ever make an Exorcist 5, I could be the star. Thank goodness it was quick!

When it's all said and done...we now have this beautiful amazing little newborn son and it was totally worth it without a doubt. Even though babies are born every day, all over the world since the beginning of mankind...it's still a miracle every single time.

oh..and Brett had his phone right next to him the whole time but it never rang! It was meant to be...if we would have gotten a hold of him...we would have waited for him to get up and come over...I really think I might have not made it to the delivery room if things went as planned! So I think it was a God thing that his phone messed up! Knocking on our neighbors door and leaving ASAP saved us! Otherwise he might have been born on the sidewalk outside the locked Labor and Delivery entrance.


Unknown said...

He's just beautiful! Just like a boy to make an entrance like that!

melonbelly said...

What a great big entrance into the world! Now that it is over and everything is fine....its a GREAT STORY! ha! :) Looks like he is already got ya hoppin...cant wait to hear more of his "antics" in the years to come!

Kate Pantier @ Mommy Monologues said...

He is beautiful & so is his birth story! This was such an awesome post & I'm so happy for y'all! It's so exciting to have a new baby! I was laughing all the way through it! Congratulations!!!

Darcee Paredes said...

OMG Candace that was a crazy delivery...I bet you wish your MoM was there to help when u were in so much pain...I love my hubby but guys dont know a thing about Labor so I want my mom and Grandma there also..LOL.....I laughed so hard when I read what Tyler said about Exorcist 5...My hubby would say the same thing because I had never had a Ephidural or anything Meds so I screamed when they were coming out cuz it hurt....Congrads on your LiL guy he is so cute!!!!!

Crystal Roberts said...

Love your birth story! Congratualtions! I can relate, I have 5 children and my last 2 (boys) were born naturally with no pain relief, what a pain lol
I found your blog on CSAHM and will be following yours.

~Rachael said...

Snapping at the nurses and your husband - that's you going through transition :-)

I actually had a planned natural childbirth, and I have to agree with you that you need to be mentally prepared!! But good for you!! And your baby is adorable. I bet you can't believe he's almost six months old!!

*I found you following some links for tutorials and ended up looking at your "wooden memory cards" and couldn't resist clicking on a cute baby photo :-)