Saturday, April 3, 2010

March eHow Earnings

Wow, I just noticed my eHow earnings for know...the residual earnings I make off of articles I've already written and posted and forgotten about until I see a payment in my paypal account? Anyways...I don't know what happened in march, I wasn't very active on the site and am not aware of any of my articles being featured (could have been the case) but to my surprise, my earnings were up over $100 than usual for the month! WOW! Exciting! That's a pretty huge jump for me! I hope April turns out to be as profitable!

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UPDATE (4/8/2010): Just after posting this, I found out that eHow is having some major changes, and is switching over to having all content written by writers through Demand Studios (the parent company). I was transferred over and will be writing from the platform from now if you do what to write for eHow also, rather than just signing up for a free account and writing whatever, you can still do it, but you would need to apply to by a writer through Demand Studios and get approved. I don' t know the exact process, I haven't had time to look into any of it yet though. But just thought I'd let ya'll know!

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Virginia Allain said...

I found March a big earning month on eHow also. Having to shift to DS now to publish eHow articles kinda throws me, so I'm putting off tackling that.
The past few months, I've gotten really involved with Squidoo so don't feel as threatened as I might by eHow changes.