Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kids Art Display - PB Knock Off

Potter Barn Kids - Star Art Cable $39

Kids Art Display - FREE!

One of my favorite things to do is get a new Pottery Barn Kids catalog in the mail and go through, looking at what can be easily and cheaply replicated. This one was just too easy to pass up on! Just use what you have on hand, some ribbon, cording, yarn, wire, etc. I inserted a clear tac in the wall on either side and tied the ends of my ribbon/cord around the tacs. Then I just used paper clips to hang the art, since that is what I had in the junk drawer! This is about a 1 minute project and your child will be so proud to see their creations on display like this. My almost 3 yr old daughter loves going into her room now, looking at her art display and beaming with pride says "oh look, it's SO CUTE!" And now she's even more excited to create more works of art for her wall.

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