Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fine Art on the Cheap

I think all three prints are by the artist Greg Olsen.

I've really been wanting to put some nice fine art prints in my daughter's room, specifically a painting portraying Jesus's love for children. Buying framed fine art prints can be pricey however. Well, I found this 3 opening frame at Micheal's on clearance for $2 so I picked that up. Then I picked up these small art prints, the center one is a 5x7 post card and the other 2 are 3x4 cards that were less than $1. I think the post card might have been $1.99. I had some purple scrapbooking paper laying around, so I used that as matting on the smaller prints and woila! I was able to put some fine art prints in my daughter's room for around $5! One of her favorite songs to sing before she goes to bed is "Jesus Loves Me" and so I put the frame by her bed and we point it out when she sings the song or says her prayers.

Mother and Son
by Robert Duncan

Another great way to get fine art prints to display in your home is to recycle the pictures from fine art calenders. One artist I enjoy is Robert Duncan, I buy his calenders and then save them after the year is over, that way I can cut out the large art prints and frame them. The great thing about recycling fine art calenders like this is that you can rotate out the art in your frame to suite the season/ time of year! A very frugal way to add to your home decor!

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