Friday, October 2, 2015

Spelling Fun

DWe started out the day with this great idea from The Ultimate Guide of Homeschool Ideas that I shared on Instagram and the kids were enjoying themselves and behaving just fine....
It was ME that was having the issues today...I was just getting stressed frustrated annoyed snippy etc over every little I just stopped.  I didn't like the way I was talking to my children and getting exasperated minor we stopped doing anything. 


We had fun consolidating learning to read practice for my 5 year old and spelling and word building practice for my 8 year old using the wood slice burned alphabet I made a while back.  My son started getting so excited exclaiming "I'm reading I'm reading!" And my daughter chimed in "I'm spelling I'm spelling!!!"  

This is a day that I had a plan but has gone towards delight centered learning/unschooling.  We started out with my plan but I'm just having one of those days where I'm not feeling patient and I was getting all uptight and snippy so I decided to let it go and stop forcing it today and end what has been a great week on a sour note.  I like having a general plan and rhythm but I won't be a slave to it if it's going to cause me to turn into an unwise woman who tears down her to speak.  I'm not going to undo all the positive we had this week.  So I stepped away, let them play and then came back to them ready to just sit and do something...see where it takes us.  I sat down and pulled out the wood slice alphabet that I made and the kids jumped right in without me saying anything and got busy building reading and spelling.  We worked with word families, phonics, CVC, consonant blends, all of 5 year old made and read so many words he was so excited especially when we would swap out a letter or add a letter and make a whole new word.  Sane with my daughter, she challenged herself to make as many big long words as she could, which was tricky with only one of each letter.  But she did great and solidified some spelling and phonics facts and it was fun and stress free. 

I'm not feeling so stressed anymore, the kids were still learning but it was more self directed and fun with mommy just watching and acknowledging and sometimes jumping in but not too much...I knew if I started to take over too much it would take the fun out and they would lose interest.  

Sometimes the best plan of action is to scrap the plan if it's just not jiving and causing too much negative reactions...mostly from me... I was just having one if those days!

Rather than always follow the plan, I pray for wisdom and inspiration in the moment daily (Lord knows we all need it!) and that while it's good to have a general plan and overall rhythm for the day, I pray I can not hold onto it too rigidly and follow the Holy Spirit's guidance and plan for our day first and foremost....even if that means scrapping my plans.  The end result? Well with my plans today I would have become more and more cranky and unbearable to my kids, ending our week sour and with negative emotions all around but knowing my planning efforts hadn't gone to waste....but instead...some of my plans did go to waste but I'm ending the week feeling more loving towards my children and their hearts seem happy and light.  I had to let it go today but yet other things happened instead that were of great value and I LOVE when that happens even better than a checked off list.

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