Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Babycakes Book Review

Spring almost 2 years ago we had the opportunity to go to Disneyworld for a couple days after we had reunited as a family and moved to GA...prior to that the kids and I had still been in Nebraska waiting for our house to sell while the hubby was commuting and already working down south so it was a very stressful time and we didn't have much family time for quite a while.  While down there, one of the highlights of the trip for me was going to Babycakes bakery in Downtown Disney.  I was also pregnant with my third during this time along with gluten and dairy free, so being able to walk up to an amazing bakery counter like that and get whatever I wanted was pretty much totally amazing!!!  The Babycakes donuts were awesome.  My hubby who can eat whatever agreed they were some of the best donuts he's ever had.  Not just "good for being gluten free" but actually really GOOD!  They aren't like regular donuts from a donut shop...they are more gourmet and cake-like but all in a good way.   Here is the picture I took at the time of my Babycakes donuts in the pink cake box.

Skip forward to present day, I didn't realize Babycakes had come out with a book until I saw it on my sister's (who is gluten free dairy free and now egg free) amazon wish list.  Since it was her birthday I got her that and made the donuts for her birthday to, and also the chocolate chip cookies the next day.  
This is a gluten free vegan cookbook that is simple yet awesome!  The recipes I've tried so far are so easy and turned out great.  The donuts I made for the birthday were enjoyed by all, even the family members who have no food allergies or restrictions.  

I made plain cake counts dipped in chocolate with cookie crumble topping and others with vanilla glaze coated in toasted coconut.  Only change I made was adding a but if lemon juice to the vanilla glaze because I distinctly remember the lemony flavor my donut had at Babycakes in Downtown Disney and the glaze didn't call for that so I added it in.  I can't wait to make these again and try even more recipes!   

Here's a peak at the donuts, some I left with just the chocolate or vanilla glaze in case anyone didn't want coconut or cookie crumble, but I was surprised the kids loved the toasted coconut donuts more than I expected.

So,  if you are looking for a great gluten free dairy free egg free cookbook whether it's because you're vegan or have food issues that make you require you to make good like a vegan I definitely recommend this book.
The beginning of the book is very informative and instructional as to ingredients she uses and recommends and other tips.  
I can't wait to order my own copy, my daughter already told me she wants the vanilla glazed coconut donuts for her birthday.

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