Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Framed Iron Key Wall Decor

My mom and I were trying to figure out what to put on her entryway hallway to complete the wall decor.  She had the framed "K" and the family established sign I made her a few Christmases ago but she needed something else to complete the wall, so after some tinkin' we can up with this framed iron rustic key ring mounted on burlap.  The frame was from a collage frame that we took apart, then my mom had some thin plywood stuff leftover in the garage from her kitchen renovation and so she cut that to fit the frame, then put a layer of thin quilt padding under the burlap and hot glued it  on the back.

 Then mounted the iron key hook with small screws.  We colored the heads of the screws with a black sharpie so they blend in.

Then hot glued around the inside edge of the frame to secure/mount the thin plank of burlap lined plywood in.  We had to glue a small strip of quilt padding to the back where the tips of the screws from the hook had poked through a little...

Then hung the large old fashioned keys on the hook and tacked down each key with a little hot glue to spread them out.

And here is the completed hallway wall...

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