Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Baby is Already Making it's Debut!

11 Weeks

I forgot to post this last weekend but this was Valentine's Day when I was 11 weeks and starting to show already...more like the chubby phase but still never showed this early with the last 2!  Maybe that had something to do with being so sick my last two pregnancies I always lost weight in the first trimester because it was so difficult to keep anything down!  I am now 12 weeks!  I have been sick a few times but nothing I can complain about considering my past pregnancies.  Just really tired all the time,  

We had an early ultrasound because we couldn't get a heartbeat at my midwife appointment...same thing has happened with all 3 pregnancies...

Heart rate was 168 bpm so I'm thinking it's a girl right?  
I'm happy either way since I love both my girl and boy but it's fun to speculate!
It was an awesome Valentine's Day, my hubby and I don't really ever celebrate the holiday but we had this ultrasound and brought the kids and they were showering me with love and affection throughout the ultrasound, so excited to see the baby! They kept trying to kiss my tummy while it was covered with that ultrasound jelly!

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