Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Land of Nod Floor Pillow Knock Off

Floor Pillows

I saw these floor pillows on land of nod or pottery barn a long time ago and wanted to make a knock off it sat on my long list of things I wished to do, I stumbled across a great tutorial from Susan at Living with Punks who saw them and had the same idea but actually did it!  So I bookmarked her tutorial and have been wanting to make these ever since and tonight was the night!!! If this gives you any idea of how long things may be on my wish list of things to make and do...Her tutorial was posted two years ago and that's about the same time I bookmarked it.  Since then it's been pinned 27K times!  That is incredible!  One of those great things about pinterest....I can go look at my boards and see the things I want to do verses having them become lost in a bookmark folder like this did for a long now I have her tutorial lost somewhere in my bookmarks and on pinterest.

Anyways, I was so glad she made a tutorial because it is really easy to follow. I got to make the floor pillows AND got to skip the trial and error part!  So these are my floor pillows....and here is the link to the great tutorial Land of Nod Inspired Floor Pillow.

 awww...these floor pillows brought them together...look at them so happy holding hands!!! I didn't even tell them to do this I promise!

this didn't last long...once they noticed the handles on the floor pillows, they made a great handle for holding on while having a pillow fight...

Anyways, these were not hard to make so if you are still pretty new to sewing my suggestion would be GO FOR IT! The Tutorial by Susan is really easy and simple to follow!

I am linking this up to the Pinterest Challenge
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Theresa said...

So so cute love them now they are going on my list,lol ! Hope you have a happy mothers day if I don't get back before then. ;) theresa

Candace @ Candace Creations said...

Thanks Theresa! You will love making these pillows! Happy Mother's Day to you as well! :)

Rebecca @ Better Life Bags said...

We loved these so much that we featured you on The Pinterest Challenge Blog! - congrats!