Monday, May 14, 2012

Birthday Bow Bow Tie

Red Polk-a-Dot Birthday
Bow Tie for the Lil' Guy

I've been the worst friend, daughter, sister, crafter, blogger, cleaner, laundry doer, linky hostess...etc lately!  BUT I am getting back on track! (Ok this last weekend I dropped the ball on the linky but I have a good reason for forgetting.  I actually got to go OUT to dinner 3 nights with my husband through work and had a blast!  Fancy Restaurants, super awesome food and getting to know some of the people my husband works with better was just great!  I wasn't sure how I was going to do since I'm pretty much always in mommy world...but everyone was so fun and easy to talk to. and I owe BIG TIME thanks to those who helped watch the know who you are ;) )

ANYWAYS....back to the post...My friend who is the mom of this ADORABLE little boy was getting his birthday photos done and she asked if I could make a bow tie for him.  It was great because I'd been wanting to sew something for a while and this was so cute and fun to make.  And as you can see, the bow tie looked adorable on little Mr. GQ here.  

I really enjoyed making this bow tie, along with when I whipped up this neck tie for my little guy for his first birthday photos and then made a bunch more for the craft fair in the fall.  I have been debating putting neck ties and bow ties in the etsy shop.  I thought it was a great idea until I realized other people were already doing it...I am still debating.  I have a few left over from the craft fair so I should just list them.  So far I have been slow to get items listed BUT I have been excited about baby boy my canvas sign has been doing well.  If anyone is interested in ordering a bow tie or neck tie, just message me through here on my etsy shop and we can arrange a custom order.

These great photos were taken by a great family photographer named Dani Christensen you can view her work and schedule and appointment with her at

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