Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm a REAL Cook....I can throw stuff together....but then again...maybe I should just follow a recipe

Ever Get a Little Overconfident in the Kitchen?

I sometimes do and sometimes it turns out great (see the chocolate covered peanut butter chocolate chip balls) and other times...not so great.  Tonight I made a vinaigrette for the salad and thought I could whip it up all awesomely without a recipe or measuring anything.  My husband was the first to dig in and I was confused when I saw him throw his head forward and do some weird coughing thing...what was his problem...did he inhale a spinach leaf and need help?  Hmmm....not really...apparently my dressing was VERY an eating pure apple cider vinegar and black pepper kind of way.  I teased him and said "What?  That's how all vinaigrettes are made, plus apple cider vinegar is really healthy for you so it's basically a yummy health potion on your salad that I whipped up with no recipe!" and his reply...while choking on his food still was "Potion!!! That's exactly what it is! not salad dressing!" lol.  So then I was secretly scared to try it after his reaction but took a bite...I was like "Oh my gosh you are such a baby, I think it tastes fine..." followed by a sudden, uncontrollable head pulling back and jerking slightly from side to side as I tried to eat it as my whipped up salad potion had quite the zing...or something like that!  I am not even quite sure how to describe it...but I was reminded I'm still not a real cook...I do need references from cookbooks and online recipes so I don't wind up causing myself or family members to start choking on their food.

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Crystal Escobar said...

Haha, that's hilarious! I can totally relate to that.