Thursday, September 29, 2011

Keith and Kristyn Getty

The Gettys
in concert

This past Sunday, I found out that the there was going to be a free concert by the Gettys at Westside Baptist, a church in Omaha.  I saw it on the website and although I had never heard of them, I had heard the songs "In Christ Alone" and "Power of The Cross" so my 4 year old and I went and it was a great concert.  Based on those two songs I had heard, I had no idea they were irish, but at the concert, it was VERY Irish with an awesome fiddler and it was just fun, they had a great sound and message and we enjoyed all of their music.  We picked up their new album "Awaken The Dawn" and are really enjoying it.  My four year old closes her eyes when she hears it she gets really into it, and I can hear her singing the songs in her room while playing with strawberry shortcake.  I'm surprised their cd is only $4.99 on amazon with free shipping, so the cheapo in me is a little agitated I paid $10 for mine at the concert but oh well, glad to support them.  It was worth it, we have been playing the cd over and over all week. I'm so excited to find new christian music that I really like, I even picked up the song books because I've been wanting some new piano music for a long time and this was exactly the type of stuff I like to play.  I like it because it's unique, it doesn't sound like every other song you hear on the christian radio station and it's pretty with it's irish flavor and now after watching them live and meeting them afterwards, I just like everything about them. oh, and I don't have to skip any of the songs either.

I guess I will just throw a shout out to 402 Arts Collective,  this free concert was possible because them "Building a More beautiful city through creative expression and community" check them out here at

Visit the Gettys website here you can hear some of their music playing on their website.

PS- I've decided to go into my first arts and craft show, and I paid for my spot TODAY so it's happening...I've been busy whipping up goodies for my table, some of the things I'm working on is baby neck ties (I figured out how to make my first one the night before we moved because we had birthday pictures the next day with our photographer (miss you Tessa!)) and have been wanting to make more ever since, headbands, prints, artwork and decor for kids rooms and nursery...I'll try to post some sneak peaks when I can!  I'm sure some of it will end up on my Etsy shop...which is still empty...I think we'll have a grand opening with a giveaway so stay tuned!


Athena said...

Candace - please contact me with your email address. You won the My Memories Giveaway at but I haven't been able to reach you. thestuffofsuccess at gmail dot com.

melonbelly said...

I cant wait to hear all about your first booth! :) :) how fun! also, you would have a great etsy shop!!