Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yay for Bloggy Awards!

I just received this award from Sunshine and Lollipops, thank you Angie!

The rules of the Stylish Blogger Award are:
Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.  
Share seven things about yourself.
Award seven recently discovered new blogs.
Contact these bloggers and let them know they've received the award. 

So here is my 7 things  about me!
  • I love potatoes, especially in the form of French Fries or Kettle Chips and I can't live without chocolate and I love going to the gym to justify my chocolate and potato habits...well...alright, I also enjoy the actual working out part too...especially group classes like Body Flow and Power Yoga.
  • I cut my hair REALLY short in 8th grade and someone called me "Shim" and another time at the 7 eleven, the cashier asked me "What's with you boys wearing nail polish these days?"  My response was an embarrassed "Um, I don't know".  Other people just assumed I was a lesbian since my hair was short.
  • I also made a ridiculous work out video when I was about 14-15 that was freaking awesome...lol...maybe I'll get my parents to upload it to the computer so I can embarrass myself with it!
  • I used to compose a lot of music but haven't done any in a while, no time with babies!  Pre-baby days I would spend hours a day at the piano, i loved to improvise
  • I absolutely love dancing with or for my kids...but you won't catch me dance like that in public! yikes!
  • In one month I'll celebrate the 10 year anniversary of my first date with my husband.
  • I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in highschool and Hashimoto's almost 2 years ago.  I turn into a zombie if I don't take my prescription, literally a zombie.  Sometimes I even start to get zombie like even when I take my medication anyways...and get really bad joint pain and a lot of other crappy symptoms...but if you're going to have an autoimmune disease, it's one of the better ones to have!!! 

The 7 blogs I am giving this award to are ...(new blogs I've recently found)
 Krista @ Heavenly Savings
 Ashley @ Eisy Morgan
Alysha @ Supermom
Aubrie @ A Mama B's

Right now I'm listening to Float On by Modest Mouse  



Unknown said...

That's a funny story about your hair :) You have beautiful long hair now! I love piano too - hold onto it - that's a gift!! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm subscribing!

Stylist A said...

Thank for awarding me with this sweet award. You rock and I too cut my hair real short when I was in 7th grade... never again!

melonbelly said...

Love the hair info! I think we are in need of some pics! DEFINITELY need to see that work out video. I have high expectations for both! ;)

Aubrie said...

Thanks for including me in the award :o) I'm a new follower.

Aubrie @ http://amamab.blogspot.com