Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Child's Prayer

 my little angel :)

So, yesterday I was not having the best of days. I was just extra tired and as the day went on getting more tired and more cranky.  I was feeling like J was driving me crazy, although she wasn't too out of the ordinary, it was just me in a bad mood and having no patience. I decided we better make a trip to the gym so I could get a little break and burn off some negative energy and hopefully pump in some endorphins. As she began whining about her shoes without even trying to find them, because they were basically right in front of her, I was about to lose it.  I stopped, took a deep breath trying to keep it together when I remembered a tip from the book Mom Has Fun that was given to my husband by a work associate who is friends with the author.  I still haven't finished the book, but one of the main things the woman does in her family is have a time out and calling a team meeting when things start going awry. I let out that deep breath, got down to J's level and just said "I really need you to help me out.  Mommy is really tired and feeling really cranky.  I'm so cranky it's making me want to yell and scream, but I don't want to yell and scream, so could you please be a special helper and make sure that you and Bronson don't whine and are good listeners?"  She lit up and was excited to be my helper.  Then, we proceeded to get ready and out the door.  As we were walking to the car, J, excited to be my helper in my time of need, said to me "Mommy, Jesus can help you!  He can be in your heart and make you feel better if you want!"  As we got into the car I thought it was sweet what she was saying, but I still felt in a crummy mood.  As we drove to the gym, she told me again, "Mommy, I know He can help you feel better if you want" I said "well, maybe you could pray for me"...and J doesn't actually pray very often, I encourage it but don't make her do it.  However, she does like to listen to me pray and occasionally chime in something so I found it so sweet and precious when she said "Dear Heavnwy Father, Thank you Jesus knows us and can be in our hearts, Jesus Name Amen".  I'll tell you it was hard to still feel sour after hearing that simple, sweet prayer coming from the back seat.  With that, and a really good workout, I did feel much better and refreshed and on the way home, I told Jordan "Thank you for praying for me, it really did help me to feel better".  She was really happy to help out. :P

The other 2 notable times she's said a cute prayer was

"Dear Heavnwy father, please bless Bronson that he can be my best friend"...sweet...then the next day she asked if I could go to the doctor and they could put him back in my

"Dear Heavenwy Father, please BLESS Jacob and Tyson.....and.....please BLESS Jacob and Tyson....and................please Bless Jacob and Tyson....and....bless Jacob and Jesus name, Amen."
(her best friends who are brothers)


Trista said...

awww...heart melting

Unknown said...

This made me cry. Oh the faith of a child. Thanks for sharing. Stopped by to say I am excited you tried the hair tutorial but just cried instead...newest follower!

melonbelly said...

This is so sweet. You are obviously a wonderful christian example for her. What a blessing! The faith of a child - so pure and honest. SWEET! :)

Candace @ Candace Creations said...

You're so sweet Codi!

Butchike Bunch said...

Thanks for sharing.. i was uplifted both of your example to take a timeout to speak to Jordan patiently and also of Jordan's beautiful faith. Loved it!