Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Wicker Chair Makeover

I snagged these wicker chairs for àt a local thrift store going out of business so...they were not very expensive...maybe I paid $20 for both..I don't remember exactly as it was last year.  But I wanted to spray paint them and have had the paint in the cupboard and finally today got around to doing it after cancelling pool plans due to my youngest having a nasty cold after a short beach trip.  Today is the definition of a lazy summer day!  

I mean....look at this kiddo...chillin' in the rocks listening to music and slowly burying himself in rocks.  He is also the sick one so just glad he's just hanging out and relaxed.

Here is the before of my wicker chairs.

Pretty worn.  I had picked out this Stone Gray color...and as I was about to start I did what I always do, second guess myself and almost decide to leave the chairs alone.  But I pushed through my little moment of doubt and in no time, had this, too late to change my mind now.

After picture of thrift store wicker chairs.

My 8 year old came out and asked why I chose that color...good question son...I just happened to like it while standing in the spray paint aisle...but he did say he thought the chairs looked better before...what do you think?  

The great thing about spray painting wicker chairs is that it a super easy thing to do and can easily be changed.
The black chairs are what's left of my bistro chairs with the plastic wicker that disintegrated and I ripped most of it off and just use the metal frame with a cushion. Meh...it works.  I have never really splurged on furniture yet other than our bed, but we didn't get the set, just the bed...so maybe one day I will post some night stands I figure out for our room.  I have had other projects going on this year keeping me busy, including a complete boat interior makeover that we spend about all of January working on a bit each weekend. 


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