Friday, September 18, 2015

Visiting an Apiary and IT'S FRIDAY!

We finished the week off with a field trip with some of our friends to a local Apiary and learned about honey bees and beekeeping.  After the lecture we got to observe to observation hive and examine all the beekeeper tools and then visit their kitchen where they bottle the honey, make beeswax molds, candles and soap and sample 4 kinds of honey.  We finished with a pollination demonstration using Cheetos and then did a honey bee drawing in our nature notebooks.  It was such a nice way to end our week!  

We got home and early afternoon and had a restful quiet time with the baby napping and my 5 year old worker on laying out some alphabet cards in order and spent time on the Starfall app on the iPad practicing math and reading and my daughter copied a couple of lines for a poem onto a watercolor and did some math practice and then we snuggled in my bed talking about bees, resting, and then trying to help them earn the last 4 stars in the Frontier Heros app to unlock the next era in American History until it was time to go to soccer practice. I had some iced coffee (I make a big pot of coffee and keep it in the fridge!) then met my hubby at the park since he's the coach and once him and my son got started with practice  my daughter (8) rode her bike and I tried to keep up with the baby jogger on the park trails.  When we got home we opted for a campfire instead of a family movie night. 

I had a surprise for the kids I found earlier this week at the Dollar Tree. Glow sticks that were tridents.  We had learned about the word trident in our Classic Myths to Read Aloud book this week in the very first story that featured Poseidon and we used our other Greek Mythology book to reference for pictures.  The Classic Myths book has little tidbits at the end for the parent to read about that can later be worked into conversation with the kids.  This tidbit was about the word trident and how "tri" means three and "dent" means teeth and how those words from back then are in our everyday language today like tricycle (three wheels) tripod (three legs) dentist (there's the word for teeth again) etc.  So I had them recall what we had learned about Posidon until the remembered about his trident and what the word meant and then gave then each a glow stick trident.  Before the glow sticks they could NOT remember the word without my help but after the got their glow sticks and were running around with then in the dark they had non problem remembering what it was called and the meaning of the word.  I just love when we come across easy things that make learning more tangible and concrete for them!  

We also brought out the ukuleles for everyone to practice for fun around the fire.  Even my Hunny is trying to learn it's been fun!

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