Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Gluten Free Dairy Free 3 layer Cookies and Cream

Gluten Free Dairy Free layered Cookies and Cream Dessert

This is a perfect dessert for a hot summer day.  Not too sweet, light and refreshing.  Make the chocolate wafers and cream in advance and then these are super easy to put together and look fancy and impressive!  

First make the gluten free chocolate wafers from Nicole Hunn Gluten Free in a Shoestring website

Next make your whipped coconut cream.   I use 2 cans of tai kitchen coconut milk that has been in the back of my fridge.  Carefully take out without shaking or jostling, open and scoop out the thick cream that has seperated from the water.  Save the water in a mason jar to add to smoothies, homemade juice recipes or to drink by itself. Whipped the coconut cream on high speed while adding 2 TBSP powdered sugar and a tsp vanilla.  Taste and add more powder sugar if Desiree but I really don't add much, just enough to slightly cut the strong coconut flavor with a hint if sweetness.  Refrigerate the whipped coconut cream.

To assemble, it's pretty simple. Cookie, spoonful of whipped coconut cream, cookie, spoonful of whipped coconut cream, cookie topped with a smaller dollop of whipped coconut cream.  Then if Desired, add a splash of color with 1-3 ripe raspberries or blackberries etc.  cover with plastic wrap and keep refrigerated until ready to serve.  
Soo good I could eat these all day.  Low on sweet, light and refreshing...yum yum yum! The dark cocoa cookie, the whipped coconut cream with its barely sweet cool creamy coconutty delightfulness....is the really gluten free and dairy free?!?!  Yes...yes it is!  Hope you enjoy as much as I do...

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