Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bedtime Blessings

We've been doing the Book Bedtime Blessings with our 4.5 year old before bed and it has been so enjoyable and something we both really look forward to each  night.  The stories and activities are short and sweet and each activity ends with a related blessing for your child.  Tonight was maybe one of my favorites, the activity was for her to write a letter to God and here is what she dictated for me to write down

Dear God,

Angels protect us.  I'm Jordan and you can send me email God.  God, thank you for giving lots of dress up clothes and please, God, help me be brave.  I love you God thanks for dying on the cross.  God, thank you for my lipstick I got for Christmas. Thank you for my butterflies that hang on my tree and protect me. Thanks for my beautiful room. Please bless that I can have a life with you God.  Thanks you for my wonderful church dresses.  Thank you for art I can do.

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Crystal Escobar said...

Oh my goodness. That is adorable. I need to get that book. Sounds fun!