Monday, February 12, 2018

Charleston, SC Weekend Trip

Last weekend we spent the weekend in Charleston, SC for JJ's gymnastics meet.  Us gym moms don't always enjoy traveling to meets, but this is one I don't mind because I LOVE Charleston!  This was my 3rd or 4th time to this city and it doesn't get old for me, and it's not just me...the kids can walk and explore and look at all the art in all the galleries as much as I can (well....almost!)  But it is fun when we can have a fun weekend together as a family and root for our girl at the end of it as she does her thing.  It was short and sweet but the memories last a lifetime :)  Here is a little video I made from our trip, some of the footage was taken by my 7 year old whom we just gave our old FLIP video recorder to that we never used anymore and he is super excited about it...he doesn't have an ipad or iphone so this is his device to play with :)

Now I will admit we were all pretty wiped on Monday as my hubby had to get to the airport that day so we drove home late Sunday night.  It was actually peaceful and nice and felt relatively fast until we stopped for gas about 40 minutes from home and the four year old was NOT happy the rest of the way home after getting woken up.  But feeling refreshed from the beautiful city of Charleston and spending time in all the galleries and looking into the courtyards as we walked down the residential streets, I came home feeling inspired and got to work doing some outdoor projects and also looking forward to a day soon that the kids and I can all paint together.  As we explored each gallery, I told the kids to find their favorite painting in each one and then they showed the rest of us and what they liked about it.  Studied some of the technique and what we observed about the paintings and told the kids to take mental notes to get ideas of something they might want to paint and how they might want to incorporate some of the neat styles and ideas they picked out and do it in their own way.


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